Your pet can enjoy your vacation just as much as you!

We offer comfortable boarding facilities for established clients with convenient pick up times during our regular business hours.

If you have questions about pricing please give us a call and we would be happy to give you a quote.

What's included?

  • Our staff will be caring for your pet while you're away. If your pet is on medications you can be assured they will be administered correctly.
  • Sensitive Stomach is fed to the pets that are boarding with us, but you are welcome to bring your pet's own diet if you so choose.
  • Regular close monitoring ensures a comfortable, stress free stay with a dog "cot", comfy blankets and a clean environment.
  • You can rest easy knowing your dog is getting one-on-one time when being leash walked twice a day.
  • You are welcome to include a "Spa Day" for your pet during their stay with us. This may include a nail trim, bath, blowout, anal gland expression, and/or ear cleaning.
  • We provide a lot of tender love and care!

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